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Choose the best places to eat authentic local delicacies and let yourself be transported on a journey through the unique flavors of the region. Discover the secrets of typical dishes, expertly prepared by passionate restaurateurs, and immerse yourself in a journey through the authentic flavors of our land.

Hotel Rosa Alpina

Rosa Alpina

Located in the center of Palù del Fersina, Hotel Rosa Alpina is the perfect place to stay or enjoy a dish of Burbiz-Kropfen. With its 14 comfortable rooms, the property welcomes its guests in an atmosphere of warm hospitality and comfort. Each room is equipped with modern amenities and private balconies that offer breathtaking views of the surrounding peaks. Renzo Lenzi, known as Burbiz, along with his family, manages the hotel restaurant that produces the Kropfen. These unique tortell

Ranch Unterstol


The Ranch Unterstol Sosta Cavalli in Palù del Fersina offers a unique experience that combines nature, cuisine, and adventure. Nestled in the picturesque mountain landscape of Trentino, the ranch welcomes visitors with warm hospitality in a rustic and cozy environment. The restaurant at Ranch Unterstol is renowned for its delicious typical Trentino dishes, prepared with fresh, local ingredients. Specialties include canederli (dumplings), polenta, and stew, accompanied by local wines that

Pastry and Bistro

If you're looking for a cozy restaurant or bar in the heart of the Dolomites, Passo Redebus is the place for you. Located along the road that connects the Fersina Valley to the Piné plateau, this establishment guarantees quality food in a characteristic setting. The atmosphere at Passo Redebus is made special by Lorenza's passion, who creates exquisite desserts and genuine dishes for her guests every day. In fact, the cakes are the highlight of this small family-run restaurant, which also

S hittl
va de Graustana

The legend of Graustana was a traditional tale used by parents in the Valle del Fersina to caution children and create fear around places considered dangerous. However, today the Shittl va de Graustana is a safe and welcoming meeting point, ideal for taking a break before your high-altitude hikes. If you stop at the Vrottn parking lot, you'll find Graustana ready to welcome you with a variety of local products. Here you can enjoy yogurt with small fruits, hot and cold sandwiches, and the e

Selle Refuge

Welcome to the heart of the pristine nature of the Municipality of Palù del Fersina/Palai en Bersntol! Get ready for an exciting adventure on panoramic trails that will lead you to the charming Sette Selle Refuge, where homemade dishes and desserts await to delight your palate. The friendly refuge managers will be happy to recommend the most suitable routes for your expectations and abilities, ensuring a tailor-made experience for you. Sette Selle Refuge is open all year round from Fri