S hittl va de Graustana

The legend of Graustana was a traditional tale used by parents in the Valle del Fersina to caution children and create fear around places considered dangerous. However, today the Shittl va de Graustana is a safe and welcoming meeting point, ideal for taking a break before your high-altitude hikes.

If you stop at the Vrottn parking lot, you’ll find Graustana ready to welcome you with a variety of local products. Here you can enjoy yogurt with small fruits, hot and cold sandwiches, and the exquisite elderflower, lemon, and ginger syrups, which are true specialties of the valley.

But the real highlight of Graustana is the Kiachln or Strauben. This typical dessert from the village of Palù del Fersina-Palai en Bersntol is a delight that will provide you with the right energy before or after your hike.

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