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Explore the various itineraries that allow you to fully discover this paradise among the mountains. The Mòcheni Valley, with its Fersina stream and the majestic peaks of the Lagorai, represents a perfect combination of unspoiled nature and welcoming facilities, offering an ideal balance for those who want to immerse themselves in a breathtaking natural spectacle.


The hike leading to Lake Erdemolo, nestled among the mountains of the Fersina Valley at an altitude of 2036 meters, is one of the most iconic excursions in the area. With its characteristic heart-shaped form, this trip offers a medium difficulty experience, accessible even to those who are not particularly trained, with an elevation gain of about 500 meters. To begin the adventure, you can reach the town of Palù del Fersina by car, where there is a convenient free parking lot located belo

Redebus Pass

Mountain Dairy

For a pleasant stroll near Palù del Fersina, we recommend parking your car at Passo Redebus, near the homonymous bar, and starting a one-hour hike through the forest, with a slight ascent of about 250 meters in elevation gain. This itinerary is suitable for families and can also be done with a sports stroller. Follow the forest road that passes first by Malga Pez and then will lead you to Malga Cambroncoi, located at an altitude of 1701 meters. At the malga, during the opening period, you


For an unforgettable hike that will take you to Dosso di Costalta, where you can admire a magnificent 360° panorama of the valley floor, Valsugana, and the Pinè Plateau, we recommend starting from the bar at Passo Redebus (1455 m). You can reach Passo Redebus by car from Pergine Valsugana, turning left just before the town of Palù del Fersina, along Provincial Road 224. From Passo Redebus, begin your walk along the Cambroncòi forest road, crossing the forest with a slight incline. Alon

Panchina gigante


The Giant Bench, located amidst nature, is a fascinating attraction for those seeking to immerse themselves in a relaxing environment. Crafted entirely from wood, it offers visitors breathtaking views and a sense of tranquility. Its secluded location makes it perfect for those seeking peace and reflection. The bench was constructed using wood salvaged after the Vaia storm, seamlessly blending with the natural landscape and providing an ideal spot to admire the local flora and fauna. It ser

Mulino Lenzi


After being idle for many years, the story of its revival began in December 2015. Thus began a long and meticulous process of renovation to restore this historical artifact and put it back into operation. The aim is to bring the community and its surroundings closer together by promoting wheat sowing, harvesting, and milling, thereby giving them the opportunity to have their own flour to make bread and various pastries with locally sourced raw materials. The Lenzi Mill opens every fourt

Passo Redebus


For a pleasant walk that allows you to admire splendid views of the Mocheni Valley and the Lagorai, as well as the traditional and characteristic mountain huts, we recommend the itinerary that starts from Passo del Redebus and winds its way to Agritur Scalzerhof, or vice versa. This is a great option if you don't have the whole day available and don't want to tackle hikes with challenging elevation gains. The starting point is on your left just a few tens of meters after Passo Redebus, rig

summit of Sette Selle

If you're looking for a hiking experience in the heart of Lagorai, starting from the paid parking lot of Frotten/Vrotten at 1540 meters above sea level, you'll have two options to reach the Rifugio Sette Selle. The E343 trail is the quickest and will lead you to the refuge in about an hour and a half. If you prefer a slightly longer option, you can choose the E343bis trail, which will take about an hour and forty minutes. For those who enjoy taking it easy and savoring a more leisurely rou