Erdemolo See

Elevation gain:



Half a day



The hike leading to Lake Erdemolo, nestled among the mountains of the Fersina Valley at an altitude of 2036 meters, is one of the most iconic excursions in the area. With its characteristic heart-shaped form, this trip offers a medium difficulty experience, accessible even to those who are not particularly trained, with an elevation gain of about 500 meters.

To begin the adventure, you can reach the town of Palù del Fersina by car, where there is a convenient free parking lot located below the soccer field. From here, you walk for about 40 minutes to reach Frotten/Vrotten, where you take the E 325 trail, which coincides with the European E5 trail, leading to the lake.

For those who prefer to drive directly to Frotten/Vrotten, there is a paid parking lot available at a cost of 1 euro per hour or 6 euros for the entire day. It is important to note that payment can only be made in cash and not via ATM.

The ascent to the lake takes about an hour and a half, during which you pass through sections of forest alternating with wide clearings. The return route follows the same trail, offering an opportunity to once again enjoy the natural beauty of the Fersina Valley.