Costalta Hill

Elevation gain:



Half a day



For an unforgettable hike that will take you to Dosso di Costalta, where you can admire a magnificent 360° panorama of the valley floor, Valsugana, and the Pinè Plateau, we recommend starting from the bar at Passo Redebus (1455 m). You can reach Passo Redebus by car from Pergine Valsugana, turning left just before the town of Palù del Fersina, along Provincial Road 224.

From Passo Redebus, begin your walk along the Cambroncòi forest road, crossing the forest with a slight incline. Along the way, you will first encounter Malga Pez and then Malga Cambroncoi at 1710 meters above sea level. The hike continues along trail E404, a scenic route that will take you to the summit of Dosso di Costalta.

For the return journey, you can follow the same trail or take a different route starting from Malga Cambroncoi, crossing the forest and returning to Malga Pez via Sass de S.Orsola.

Prepare for a memorable hike immersed in the pristine nature of the Trentino mountains and enjoy a spectacular panoramic view from Dosso di Costalta!